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Custom Parcel Solutions can help any Shipping logistics option or challenge. With more industry knowledge than anyone else in the business.

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  • Delivery up to 24 hours
  • Stuff always protected
  • Low prices
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Why Custom Parcel Solutions is the best?

Provide the best options for your shipping in the industry. Shipping Solutions that you can rely on.

We work with shipping companies throughout the world and directly with Fulfillment warehouses to provide both the Best Shipping prices and the best fulfillment prices to cut down on the shipping overhead.

Drop Shipping Logistics, International and Domestic Delivery expert analysis and Global Fulfillment consultations. Whether your need is for Domestic Drop Shipping or International Cross Border Shipping advice, CPS is capable of putting you closer to your end customer with a delivery and fulfillment solution, allowing you to grow your E-commerce business and make your customers very satisfied.

Raymond Kamm



I am very focused on helping marketers in the Shipping and Fulfillment space, place their products closer to their end consumers, while providing world class delivery and IT solutions. Helping my clients grow their business is a major part of what drives me and my professional partners globally.

About us

Whether your business is focused on sending parcels to customers within the United States or your clients all around the world, Custom Parcel Solutions is here to help you consider the ‘total process’ of delivery.

Our ability to help clients literally fulfill closer to their manufacturers and deliver from overseas points to the US and Canadian Markets means that you no longer have to deal with the logistics of moving your freight in bulk, bringing it to the US via ocean or air, and then transporting it to a fulfillment company or in-house and then start the fulfillment process.

This ‘concept’ is not for everyone, but the companies that want quick turnaround time on delivery and are looking to start the sales process instead of the logistics gridlock that they can face can achieve faster to market sales and happier customers.

Drop Shipping’ is an important component to many E-commerce driven businesses.

Whether you are shipping products to end consumers in a straight B to C transaction or your products are driven through sales to retailers/wholesalers in a classic B to B scenario, ‘drop shipping’ may become a component of how you deliver to your customers.

Another aspect of drop shipping involves where your product is physically made and what is the best way to get it to your customers in the time frame necessary to achieve their satisfaction.

Custom Parcel Solutions has the ability to help certain E-commerce shippers explore new avenues and potentially either add in drop shipping services or provide ‘closer to consumer’ fulfillment options that help you achieve the fastest delivery to your end consumer while controlling delivery costs.

Ship your products with Custom Parcel Solutions and take advantage of one or all of our international facilities that serve over 200 countries.

Same day Shipping and fulfillment is an art and a science that we continue to refine every day. Our printing and packing schedules are coordinated with our carriers’ regional pick-up times to ensure that all received orders for that day are boxed up and ready to go.

With Custom Parcel Solutions we utilize the best and cheapest Domestic Drop Shipping couriers so that your products get our quicker and cheaper than others.

When everything comes down to customer service, we pride ourselves in providing the best Domestic and international customer service in the industry.

Package weight Size Shipping time Cost
up to 5kg 110 x 100 12 h $5
up to 10kg 200 x 180 24h $10
up to 20kg 230 x 190 24h $20
up to 100kg 250 x 250 24h $35

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